Montag, 10. Juni 2013

Postkarte aus Afrika

Endlich mal eine Stimme, die sich gegen die vielen Fotos mit Kindern in Afrika wehrt, die überall kursieren:
"Dear white folks, it is illegal to take photos of or with African children!

Dear white folks, 63 years ago it was ‘noble’ to take pictures with rough-looking black African kids like you were in a zoo. It was still kinda cool and adventurous thing to take back home from your “dark continent” adventures as late as 1990s. In 2013 however, access to camera, flights and communication devices have been democratized and the world is a bit more ‘transparent’...". Mehr auf postcardfromafrica

Auch der Blog gurlgoestoafrica beschäftigt sich mit den weißen Mädels, die nach Afrika gehen, um 'Gutes zu tun' und das 'wahre' Leben kennenzulernen:
"You go to one of those fabulously elitist schools where everyone talks about privilege, classism, racism, sexism, etc. as if they don't practice it in real life. But in order to really see the world, they decide to go somewhere where they can understand what their privilege looks like. So they choose AFRICA! Yay! A whole continent dedicated to helping white people understand what it means to be poor and undeveloped.

This is for all you fabulous biddies who decided that Africa was the right place for you. There's nothing like good 'ole exotification to fill up your time while basking in the hot Saharan sun, wearing your "traditional" African clothes, eating "weird" foods and taking as many photos of black children as possible. You go, Gurl with lots of privilege! This is dedicated to you."

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